TMC's annual quest to put Tufts students on top of the 48 tallest peaks in the White Mountains!
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Friday, October 2, 2015

If you missed the GIM...

... and are still confused about this shindig, check out our presentation from the meeting here:
and then go ahead and sign yerself up! (links in the previous post)

Love Peace Stoke,

Thursday, October 1, 2015






GIM is now in Barnum 008 @ 9PM


AMC 4000-footer Guide

Outdoors Enthusiasts - check out the Appalachian Mountain Club's 4000-Footer guide at the link below! This is a great source for some maps and trip info if you're looking to explore new mountains and places you haven't been. This will be a great resource for ya once we've assigned hikes, but also can help inform your decisions when thinking of what hikes you'll want to do!

Peace Love Stoke

Trips Form and Packing List are here!!!!

Hey dudes - a pdf of a blank trips form and also a packing list are attached right here! everyone should check these out before heading up to the Loj! it's essential that y'all have all of this gear with you and that your whole group is prepared. Fall in the Whites is really cold, especially on the summits and ridges, and all of these things will make your hike enjoyable and, more importantly, safe.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Hello, there!

Yes, it’s us, your brand-new, shiny, sparkly coordinators!

If you don’t know anything about Peak Weekend and stumbled upon this blog by accident, WELCOME! It’s your lucky day. If you know and love Peak Weekend and have been counting the days longingly since last October, WELCOME BACK! You’re lucky, too.

Because we’re here to tell you to come to our GIM on Thursday, October 1st in Barnum 104!

If you simply can’t wait till then, here’s a little sneak-peak: Peak Weekend is one of TMC’s largest annual events. Over the course of Columbus Day weekend (which is actually a regular-length weekend for us this year), we try to put someone from Tufts atop all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4000+ foot peaks. Pretty neat, right? Do you like surrounding yourself with wonderful people and being in beautiful places and enjoying spectacular views and watching the stars? Then JOIN US at the Loj from October 9th to 11th and come on a hike! Sign-ups will appear on the Information Superhighway after the GIM on Thursday.

Peak Weekend GIM 9:00 PM Thursday, October 1st, Barnum 104 . See you there!

Got any pressing questions? Still trying to figure out the meaning of life? Trying to identify that fungus in your bathroom? Email us at

Love to you all,

Brian and Anna (BriAnna)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Peakend Pictures

Hey mountain travelers,

Thanks to all of you for an awesome Peak Weekend. It went super smooth this year! Not only did we conquer all 48 New Hampshire 4000 footers over the weekend, but we peaked all but 2 on just Saturday!

We want to thank Kate Hirsch, our caretaker for the weekend for being so responsible, helpful, and most importantly, donning a onesie all weekend. We also want to thank Josh Grelle and Julie Sanduski for the phenomenal food they cooked all weekend. Finally, thanks to Bennett for getting an awesome deal at Wayne's. We hope to see you soon, frolicking through the woods or playing in the leaves at autumn fest this Friday.


Sophie and Luke

Oh and here are some pictures you guys sent us. We'd love more too.

Here's the folder. Some pictures below.